About Zgharta and Ehden

Zgharta, or Zghorta is a city in North Lebanon, with an estimated population of around 50,000. It is the second biggest city in Northern Lebanon after Tripoli. It is bounded in the North and in the East by the Minieh-Danniyeh District, in the South by Bcharreh District and on the West by Koura and Tripoli Districts.

Zgharta is about 150 metres above sea level, and lies between the rivers of Jouit and Rashein. It is 29 kilometres from Ehden, 11 kilometres from the coastal city of Tripoli, 89 kilometres from the capital of Lebanon, Beirut, and 82 kilometres from the nearest Syrian city, Tartous.

Ehden is a mountainous town situated in the heart of the northern mountains of Lebanon and on the southwestern slopes of Mount Makmal in the Mount Lebanon Range. Its residents are the people of Zgharta, as it is within the Zgharta District. The mountain town is located 1,500 metres (4,900 ft) above sea level, and is approximately 29 kilometres from Zgharta, 110 kilometres from Beirut, and 39 kilometres from Tripoli.

Zgharta is closely related to the mountain town of Ehden, essentially sharing the same population. Each summer, most of the people in Zgharta move to spend their summer in Ehden; this is reversed in winter when Ehden is practically deserted. Zghartawis speak the Lebanese dialect with a distinctive accent, the original Syriac accent applied on Arabic language. Syriac was taught in local schools till the mid 1900s.

Zgharta has had two Presidents of Lebanon: Sleiman Frangieh (1910 – 1992) and René Moawad (1925-1989). Zgharta is the home to many past and present prominent politicians: Hamid Frangieh, Youssef Salim Karam, Semaan El Douaihy, Sleiman Frangieh, Jr, Nayla Moawad, Estephan El Douaihy, Salim Bey Karam, Tony Frangieh, Jawad Boulos, Michel Moawad and Youssef Bahha El Douaihy.

Ehden has also produced at least four patriarchs of the Maronite Church (Gregorios Of Ehden, David Of Ehden, Jeremiah of Amshit (1199-1230), Youhanna Makhlouf (1609-1633), George Omaira (1634-1644), Estephan El Douaihy (1670-1704)) and an Ottoman era nationalist leader Youssef Bey Karam, who led a rebellion against Turkish rule.

The video to the left is a documentary on Zgharta and Ehden. When it comes to food, Zgharta is known worldwide for its “Kebbe”. The video above is a food lovers tour of Zgharta.

About the Association

Formally founded in 1962, The Association of Zgharta (Youssef Bey Karam Batal Lebnan) Australia, is a social, cultural and charitable association that represents the entire Zgharta community in Australia.

The association’s objective is to develop community, cultural and sporting activities aimed at advancing and preserving the role of the Zgharta community in Australia, interacting with all members of this community with no exception, encouraging people of Lebanese background to assimilate with the Australian society and with other members of the Zgharta and broader Lebanese community. 

The association carries the name of Lebanon’s National Hero, Youssef Bey Karam, as a historic symbol which reflects and embodies the fitting characteristics of being a son and a daughter of Zgharta: faith, intellect, knighthood, bravery, generosity and unity.

Meet The Team

Eva Mouawad


Evelyn Mawad

Asst. Secretary

Raymond Gebran

Public Relations

Stephanie Finianos

Sports Ambassador

Tannous Finianos

House Keeper

Youssef Naoum

Committee Member

John Takla

Vice President

Tony Gittany


Nawal Finianos

Asst. Public Relations

Charbel Boudaher

Youth Liaison

Michael Doueihi

Legal Advisor

Sayed Elachi

Committee Member

Lurece Makary


Raymond Mokdassi

Asst. Treasurer

Michel Gittany

Events Co-Ordinator

Raymond Frangie

Technology Consultant

Sayed Halabi

Committee Member

Sarkis Jalalaty

Committee Member


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