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This page is dedicated to sports, sporting teams and competitions whereby The Association of Zgharta (Youssef Bey Karam Batal Lebnan) Australia Incorporated is affiliated with a club in the respective competition.

The clubs whereby this association is currently affiliated with are Salam Zgharta FC in Lebanon and Rydalmere Lions FC in Australia. National clubs where Lebanese and/or Zghartaweye are represented are also affiliated with the association, such as the Lebanese Rugby League team and the Australian Rugby Union Wallabies, who are coached by Michael Doueihi (Al-Cheikha), a son of Zgharta.

Salam Zgharta is a Lebanese football (soccer) club based in Zgharta which competes in the Lebanese Premier League. The clubs fan-base comes from the town of Zgharta and the region of North Lebanon. The clubs traditional kit colour is dark red. Since its foundation, Al Salam sports club has aimed to provide a proper physical education for Lebanese youth in Zgharta and the North area. This education ensures that the sporting spirit is reflected in the attitudes of its members and their social community. The club is supported heavily by Lebanese Christians due to its high population in the Zgharta region.

The mission of Salam Zgharta is to build team players of different age groups and to provide adequate training to improve players’ performance to compete with national and international teams.

Trophies for Salam Zgharta include

  • In 1985, the club won the shield of the Arab clubs championship after winning the penalty shootout against Olympique Egypt 5–3.
  • In 1987, the club won the Cup in Lebanon against team Homentmen, 1–0.
  • In 1990, the club won the Cup in memory of the June 13 Star team, 1–0.
  • In 1991, the club won the Cup championship for the memory of President Rene Moawad against Homentmen, 2–1.
  • In 2007, the club won the Cup Championship second-class against Homentmen, 6–2.
  • In 2014, the club won the Lebanese Cup, 1–0, against Tripoli SC.

Formally known as St. Joseph’s Zgharta Soccer Club, Rydalmere Football Club was first established in 1979, playing out of both Everley Park and Granville Park in the Sydney Amateur League Competition. In its short history, Rydalmere FC has achieved great success both on and off the field.

In the early 90’s the club withdrew from the NSW Federation to focus attention on building the junior base, eventually gaining entry back into the NSW State League competition, reliant on success in the Granville Districts Soccer Football Association (GDSFA) Premier League competition.

​In the years 2010 through 2012, Rydalmere FC experienced successful seasons, dominating the GDSFA Premier League competition. In 2012 a new opportunity arose to establish a NSW State League Division 2 Licence under the name of Fairfield Lions. Accepting this opportunity, in 2013, playing in the NSW State League returned to Rydalmere. In 2014, the NSW State League Licence name was changed to Rydalmere Lions FC, as is to this date.

Playing as Rydalmere Lions FC in the NSW State League, 2014 saw the club win promotion to NSW State League Division 1. In 2015, regional youth teams were introduced to the club, raising the total number of teams within the club to 44. After becoming champions of the NSW State League Division 1, 2016 saw Rydalmere Lions FC be promoted to the National Premier League, Division 3. After an extremely successful 2017, Rydalmere Lions FC again were champions, earning promotion to the National Premier League Division 2 competition for 2018.

Sports News

Schedule - Salam Zgharta FC

Salam Zgharta vs Al-Safa
Zgharta Sports Complex
Al-Nabi Shayth vs Salam Zgharta
Al-Nabi Shayth Stadium
Salam Zgharta vs Tadamon Sour
Zgharta Sports Complex
Salam Zgharta vs Al-Ahed
Zgharta Sports Complex
Salam Zgharta vs Al Shabab Al Arabi
Zgharta Sports Complex
Tripoli SC vs Salam Zgharta
Tripoli Municpal Stadium
Salam Zgharta vs Racing Beirut
Zgharta Sports Complex
Al-Nejmeh vs Salam Zgharta
Rafic El-Hariri Stadium (Al Manara Stadium)
Al Akhaa Al Ahli vs Salam Zgharta
Amin Abdelnour Stadium
Salam Zgharta vs Al-Ansar
Zgharta Sports Complex
Al Islah vs Salam Zgharta
Beirut Municipal Stadium
Tadamon Sour vs Salam Zgharta
Sour Stadium
Racing Beirut vs Salam Zgharta
Bourj Hammoud Stadium
Salam Zgharta vs Al Islah
Zgharta Sports Complex
Al Shabab Al Arabi vs Salam Zgharta
Salam Zgharta vs Al-Nabi Shayth
Salam Zgharta vs Tripoli SC
Zgharta Sports Complex
Salam Zgharta vs Al-Nejmeh
Salam Zgharta vs Al Akhaa Al Ahli
Zgharta Sports Complex
Al-Ahed vs Salam Zgharta
Al-Safa vs Salam Zgharta
Al-Ansar vs Salam Zgharta

Lebanese Premier League – 2017/2018


Schedule - Rydalmere Lions FC

Rydalmere Lions FC vs Central Coast Mariners FC
Valentine Sports Park #2
Rydalmere Lions FC vs GHFA Spirit FC
Valentine Sports Park #2
Parramatta Eagles FC vs Rydalmere Lions FC
Melita Stadium
Western Sydney Wanderers FC vs Rydalmere Lions FC
Sydney United Sports Centre
Rydalmere Lions FC vs Canterbury Bankstown Berries FC
Valentine Sports Park #2
Mt Druitt Town Rangers FC vs Rydalmere Lions FC
Popondetta Park
Rydalmere Lions FC vs North Shore Mariners FC
Valentine Sports Park #2
St George FC vs Rydalmere Lions FC
Ilinden Sports Centre
Rydalmere Lions FC vs Hills United FC
Valentine Sports Park #2
Rydalmere Lions FC vs Macarthur Rams FC
Valentine Sports Park #2
Mounties Wanderers FC vs Rydalmere Lions FC
Sydney United Sports Centre
Rydalmere Lions FC vs Blacktown Spartans FC
Valentine Sports Park #2
Northern Tigers FC vs Rydalmere Lions FC
North Turramurra Recreation Area
Central Coast Mariners FC vs Rydalmere Lions FC
Pluim Park #1
GHFA Spirit FC vs Rydalmere Lions FC
Christie Park #1
Rydalmere Lions FC vs Parramatta Eagles FC
Valentine Sports Park #2
Rydalmere Lions FC vs Western Sydney Wanderers FC
Valentine Sports Park #2
Canterbury Bankstown Berries FC vs Rydalmere Lions FC
The Crest Athletic Centre
Rydalmere Lions FC vs Mt Druitt Town Rangers FC
Valentine Sports Park #2
North Shore Mariners FC vs Rydalmere Lions FC
Northbridge Oval
Rydalmere Lions FC vs St George FC
Valentine Sports Park #2
Hills United FC vs Rydalmere Lions FC
Lily Homes Stadium
Macarthur Rams FC vs Rydalmere Lions FC
Lynwood Park
Rydalmere Lions FC vs Mounties Wanderers FC
Valentine Sports Park #2
Blacktown Spartans FC vs Rydalmere Lions FC
Blacktown International Sportspark
Rydalmere Lions FC vs Northern Tigers FC
Valentine Sports Park #2

PS4 NPL2 NSW Mens – 2018



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